Topic outline

  • Year 1

    Autumn Term 2017

    In year 1 this term our topics are:

    • Why are humans not like sharks? 

    • Why can’t an Emperor penguin live in Nottingham?

    • Christmas


    We would like to welcome your child into Year 1 and we wish to introduce ourselves as the teachers for the year groups.

    Class 1RW -  Miss Webster

    Class 1OB - Mrs O’Kane and Mrs Bond

    We hope this leaflet will help you know a little more about the things your child will be doing in school and also how you can help.

    If you have any questions or concerns please come and talk to us- preferably after school when we have a little more time.


  • This topic
  • English

    The New English National Curriculum stresses how important this subject is for our society.

    ‘English has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. A high-quality education in English will teach pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them.’


    We will be continuing to learn phonic letter sounds, key words and spellings.

    We will continue to learn to read high frequency words and action words.  These link to our guided reading and individual reading books.  Please read with your child at home.  It is important to read for about 10 minutes every night. Can you also write in your child’s reading record when you have read at home. This will allow us to see if they are ready to change their reading books.  We would like to encourage the children to read more and change their reading books more often. Children will take part in a teacher led guided reading session each week and their reading will be reviewed in this session with books changed as appropriate twice weekly.


    Your child will learn spelling patterns linked to the Phonics letter sounds. We have a 20 minute phonic lesson every day to improve their knowledge of these spelling patterns. 

    Each lesson will continue to help all the children improve their ‘sounding out’ of words. This is called blending and is a very important part of learning to read. They will also learn how to ‘segment’. This is sounding out letters to help spell words.  Spelling will be part of the phonics lesson.

    English Lesson

    During English the class will be listening to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Their independent work will link to the books we are reading together and Target work. In our shared reading time we will focus on how the text is written. Our key focus in English will be writing accurately. This includes the use of capital letters and full stops. Opportunities for writing will take place in all subjects to improve this skill.  Big Write will be on Friday mornings where by the children will lean to write independently for a sustained period.



    Correct letter formation is extremely important for neat and tidy writing. We are aiming to improve the handwriting of our children and will expect accurate letter formation this term. Your child will practise the correct letter formation for each letter/phoneme.  They will also be learning how to sit letters on the line and show clearly the correct size of tall and short letters.  


    Correctly formed and joined up handwriting is our aim this year as the presentation of all school work must be neat and tidy.

    English Homework

    Your child will have a reading book to take home to read. All children in Year 1 take a phonics check in June. This is a national test and children are asked to use their phonics skills to read and build up a variety of real and made up words. We will be giving children plenty of practice with this but may send homework activities for them to practice every other week alternating with maths homework. They will be given a super sticker every time a piece of work is returned.  Homework is a partnership with school and it is very important that parents help and support your child with this.

    • Maths

      The children have a daily Maths lesson covering all National Curriculum Mathematics areas.  The National Curriculum changed recently. The expectations have been set higher than previously, consequently our targets will support these areas of Mathematics. The Mathematics curriculum is grouped into the following areas-

      • Number
      • Calculation
      • Measures
      • Shape
      • Data

      Maths Homework

      In Year 1 the children will be given a piece of Maths homework every fortnight.  This is usually given on a Friday and the children have a week to return it. We expect Homework to be completed by the following Friday and returned to school. It is important that you help your child with their homework. They will be given a super sticker every time a piece is returned. This will start during this half term.

      • Science

        Our science topic is animals. We will look at the features of different animals and how they are adapted to live in their particular habitat. We will also look at the features of mammals and their common features shared with humans.

        • ICT

          The children will use various programs but we also have a new program which is called switched On Computing. The children will learn lots more about using IT using a range of technology.