Topic outline

  • The Curriculum 2014

    Key stage 1 and 2

    Compulsory national curriculum subjects at primary school are:

    • English
    • maths
    • science
    • design and technology
    • history
    • geography
    • art and design
    • music
    • physical education (PE), including swimming
    • computing
    • modern foreign languages (at key stage 2)

    Schools must provide religious education (RE) but parents can ask for their children to be taken out of the whole lesson or part of it. This should be discussed with a member of the senior leadership team.

    We also also teach:

    • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
    • Citizenship and British Values
  • Where do I find out more?

    at the start of each term, your child will bring home their curriculum Newsletter this gives an outline of what subjects and themes your child will be learning that term. 

    The newsletter gives ideas of things to do at home with your child and also gives you useful websites to find out more. Copies of these can be found on your child's year group page here on the website. 

    • Phonics & Spelling

    • Spring Term 2017

      EYFS (Foundation Team) Spring Term Overview:

      In EYFS our Spring 1 topic was ‘How can Cinderella have a ball?’ We have done lots of activities this term all to do with Cinderella. We read the story and sequenced it and we even acted parts of the story out during Forest Schools! We wrote invitations to each other to invite our friends to a ball and we even found Cinderella’s glass shoe in our outside area! It was very exciting. In Maths we used 3D shapes to create our own castles and we spoke about their properties. We made graphs to find out our favourite characters from Cinderella and we measured lots of different shoes. We played with a castle and used lots of positional language to talk about where Cinderella was.

      In our Topic work we have been programming Beebots so they can go to the ball, we learnt about the Royal Family and painted our very own Royal portrait as we would like to be a member of the Royal Family and wear a fancy gold crown! In PE we also learnt lots of dances to dance at a ball. We had lots of fun.

      During ‘Big Me’ week the children had the opportunity to dress up as who they wanted to be when they were older. We had some fantastic costumes such as a train engineer, teachers and doctors and nurses. F2 were very lucky to have a visitor from a guide dog and its owner and we learnt how the dog has to be trained to help a blind person with their everyday life.

      Year 1 Spring Term Overview:

      In Spring 1 Year 1 have learnt about the 3 little pigs, and how we could build a house so the wolf couldn't blow it down. We found out about different materials and their properties. We practiced building with lots of materials, and how we could make structures stronger. We made a house has our final project.  We also looked at the stories of ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear’. In Spring 2 we are finding out about Robin Hood, and linking it to finding out about the past. We're also doing lots of sketching and painting to make portraits of Robin Hood and also linked to spring art. 

       Our Maths learning over the Spring Term has focused on children’s understanding of money, place value, fractions and calculations. We enjoyed being a part of the whole school Science Week during which we had a Mad Science workshop on bubbles and ice and in class we did experiments looking at what happens when watered is put on skittles and how a hairdryer changes wax crayons.  We will also be celebrating World Book Day and Holi in Spring 2.

       Year 2 Spring Term Overview:

      This Spring Term Year 2 have been answering the question – “Where do you prefer to live? England or Africa? The main focus has been to understand geographical similarities and differences by studying the geography of a small area in the United Kingdom and a small area in Africa. The children looked at atlases and used the computers to look at Google Earth. They found the capital of Africa and the capital of the UK and learnt to name the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. The children learnt about Kenya and compared this to Hucknall using geographical vocabulary e.g. hills, mountains, rivers, valley. While learning about Kenya the children looked at African Art and fabrics. They painted an African sunset and designed their own African patterns.

      The second half of the Spring Term the children have been looking at significant people in the past and have learnt about the work of Florence Nightingale. They have used computers to find out about her life and the many changes she made to improve our hospitals. We have celebrated Shrove Tuesday and will be learning about the Christian Celebration of Easter. In Computing we have been learning about computer programming, testing and evaluating computer games.

      Year 3 Spring Term Overview:

      For our topic work in Spring One we based our work around the question: How can we rediscover the wonder of the Indus Valley? First, we travelled back in time to explore who re-discovered the Indus Civilization. We then moved on to locating the Indus Valley on a map and looking at the physical features of the area and comparing it with the physical features of Britain.  We also learned about the importance of living near a river and what the Indus people used the river for. Finally to complete this topic we created large group posters to showcase what we had learnt.

      During Spring One we also learnt about growth. We conducted a cress experiment to see what conditions the cress would need in order to grow. We used this experiment to help us think about what fruits and vegetables we could grow in the school garden and what conditions they would need. Hopefully we will be able to make a fruit salad with the seeds we planted during the Summer term.

      In Spring Two we will be learning about light, dark and shadows. We will be thinking about the relationship between the sun and the moon, looking at different sources of light and conducting experiments with our shadows. We will also be drawing and painting some reflection pictures.

      Year 4 Spring Term Overview:

      Year 4 we have covered some amazing and informative topics so far during Spring! For topic in Spring One, we based our topic work around the question ‘are you brave enough to swim with sharks?’ This topic involved lots of science investigations! We looked at all the parts of the digestive system, and learned about which food groups are best for our digestive system. Linked to this, we learned about why it’s important to look after our teeth, and why our teeth are different to shark’s teeth. We are now in Spring Two and asking the questions ‘where would you choose to build a city?’ During this topic, we will learn how to use the compass points to give directions to people. We will develop our understanding of the importance of maps and compasses because we will be using maps to locate major cities in the UK. Later this half term, we will be researching and creating a travel guide about a city in the UK.

      Year 5 Spring Term Overview:

      This term year 5 will be looking at how science is used by the Police force to solve crimes. In art they will be exploring using shading to create images. PE should be exciting as we are doing African Dance, this will involve dancing in wellies, and the children will also be developing their ball control skills. The Seal themes for this term are Going for Goals and Changes. Year 5 have taken part in transition visits to Holgate Academy during the end of the Autumn Term and the beginning of the Spring Term, these visits were sports based and some of the pupils will be returning in April to participate in a competition to compete against other pupils in the sport they participated in. In RE we have found out about the religions of Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.

      Year 6 Spring Term Overview:

      This term, Year 6 have been working incredibly hard both in lessons and during booster sessions.  Their afternoon lessons have included learning all about the Vikings, why and how they came to Britain and what they did when they got here. They have learnt that the Vikings weren't quite as vicious as they have been painted and were in fact very intelligent and skilled. The children have fully engaged with this topic and have completed some wonderful pieces of creative homework linked to this subject. Year 6 have also been fortunate enough to have PE sessions with Mr. Woolley every Tuesday afternoon, which is many children's favourite part of the week. Their PE has even included a fencing session this half term with some of the children now attending an after school fencing club. They have been creating their own games in Computing and based on some of the results, we definitely have some future game designers in our school.  We have had many special events in school this term: Big Me Week, where the children learnt about different future careers, it certainly gave them lots of ideas and aspirations for the future; Mad Science Week, which involved learning all about the environment and even DNA; and World Book Day where the children's love for reading was clearly shown with the variety of characters we had in Year 6 that day. Their English lessons have included applying their knowledge of grammar and punctuation to their writing and their Maths has included lots of problem solving. They are working really hard to prepare for SATs and have been down to Holgate Academy to watch their showcase event, which has got them very excited for secondary school already.

      • Autumn 2016

        EYFS (Foundation Team)

        This term the children in EYFS have done 2 topics. The first topic of "Is Everyone's Home the Same?" focused on looking at children's homes and lives and drawing direct comparisons to those of their peers, family and people in more remote areas of the world. The topic was very successful in supporting smooth transitions into EYFS as all children and parents were encouraged to share photographs and discussions about their lives at home. The second topic focused on "Why is it Cold?" and has enabled the children in EYFS to explore changing state and differences between seasons, weather, temperature and the impact that this has on our environment and the animals that live within it. Both of these topics have had strong links to the Forest Schools sessions in which children have had opportunities to explore new learning in a more open ended, practical approach. We have had some very successful theme days in the EYFS and the children have discovered the value of the mark that they have on our world as well as on a page during 'International Dot Day'. We have also looked at the Diwali, Roald Dahl and Remembrance alongside the rest of the school. We have explored how our values and faiths can be different to others but that it is ok to have differences.


        Year 1

        This Autumn term Year 1 have been having great fun answering the questions ‘Why does a tiger live in the jungle?’ and ‘Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?’ The main focus has been identifying, naming a variety of common animals and finding out if they are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores with the children researching where they live and what it is like in these places/countries. This also linked to a book they read in English where the children made a habitat for a ‘Bog Baby’ in bucket. In D and T they were given the challenge of making a tiger that would stand up. The children had to test different recyclable materials and decide which were most suited for each part of tiger.

        The wow moment for the term was definitely the trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. For the children to actually see in front of them the animals they had been learning about was so valuable and it was priceless seeing their faces. A memory that will last a life time. The children were also able to explore their creative talents when learning about Andy Goldsworthy and how he creates art from natural objects. The children collected natural objects and made their own art work in the playground. 

        Year 2

        This Autumn term Year 2 have been investigating ‘Materials’ whilst answering the question – ‘What can we make out of this?’ The main focus has been identifying, naming a variety of both natural and man-made materials and finding out if they are suitable for the job they do! Pupils have done lots of research both in and outside the classroom. For example, during Roald Dahl week we looked at the structures of bridges to design, build and test a bridge to escape form The Enormous Crocodile! This also linked to a variety of texts in English on Recycling – Michael Recycle, 10 things I can do to save my world and The Tin Forest.

        The second half of the autumn term has been focused on significant events, people and places. Pupils have been reading and acting out aspects of The Great Fire of London, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. The children have had to use their investigating skills to discover where, when and how these events started alongside questioning ‘Well how do we know this?’

        Art has focused on Monet using the Poppyfields images, clay work to create their own poppy as a sculpture of Remembrance.


        Year 3

        In Year 3 we have learnt about forces and magnets and made our own games using our knowledge of magnets and forces at the end of the topic. We played each others' games and gave feedback to each other on them.

        We have also done lots of work on the Stone Age. We began by going on a trip to Brackenhurst Education Centre where we became Stone Age settlers for a day and took part in lots of creative activities including cave painting and willow weaving. We designed and made Stone Age houses as part of our Topic. The children also completed lots of creative homework on the Stone Age and produced some impressive Stonehenge models!

        We have now moved onto rocks and soils but so far have only looked at how fossils are made.


        Year 4

        In Year 4 we have covered some amazing and informative topics during Autumn! We first of all covered the Romans, looking at different aspects of their daily lives, their architecture and the things they did for us in Britain when they invaded in A.D. 43. During this topic we undertook a visit to Mansfield museum where we learnt all about the foods they brought to Britain, such as carrots and even animals like rabbits, which we have eaten ever since. We also explored the museum and examined Roman artefacts including items of Roman armour which we had great fun trying on! To end our topic we looked at Roman Gladiators in detail where we not only researched them, we also completed our own adverts for a competition in the Roman Colosseum and prepared our very own training programs for people to get as fit as a Roman solider! ... We are now in Autumn 2 and looking at Electricity in our current topic - 'Who's a Bright Spark'. So far this half term we have looked at life without electricity and what it might be like/ was like for people. We have now begun to research and plan how to make our own electrical circuits with common components such as switches so overall in Autumn so far we have been very busy!


        Year 5

        Year 5’s topic for the first half term was based around the question: How could Hitler have convinced a nation like Germany to follow him? This topic involved studying the History and Geography of this period of time and looking at the influence of Hitler on the world and whole generation.  The RE linked in about Judaism and there was a lot of linked English work basing work around Rose Blanche and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.  We went on two successful trips.  The first was to the Holocaust Centre where the children learned more about the Jewish people’s plight during the war.  The second was Perlethorpe where the children spent time in a WW2 classroom, went in an Anderson Shelter and took part in WW2 themed orienteering.  The second half term’s topic is a science one based around the question: Will we ever send another human to the moon?  In this topic the children will look at the creation of the solar system, how the orbits of the Earth and moon work and how space exploration has changed over time.


        Year 6

        This half term year 6 have settled in well and are coping well with the raised expectation put onto them. They have had a busy half term and it all started with an overnight stay called Base Camp. They spent a night under canvas learning how to survive in the outdoors and skills associated with this. They used this as a start point to their Autumn 1 topic of 'I'm a year 6 get me out of here! ' For Autumn 2 they have moved on to science and are learning all about how the body works and the key organs within this. It is proving a popular topic and the children have had loads of questions to get themselves thinking. They have looked at a couple of great books in English - The Jungle Book which is a classic text and Room 13 which has thriller elements to it. They have also really enjoyed our TRIP sessions run by Simone and Jumpz as they got to think about changes in their bodies and socially around this time. The TRIP graduation ceremony was really well attended by parents as well to celebrate the success of this together. The current big focus in year 6 is to work in groups to do some fundraising. This will help towards year 6 treats for later in the year including the overnight visit to London which 40 children are taking part in.